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Women and Gender Diverse Research Group Charter

Women and Gender Diverse Research Group Charter

Mission Statement

Our WGDP Group is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community for WGDP involved in various fields of research. We aim to empower and promote the professional growth of WGDP researchers, while advocating for gender equity and equality in research environments.


1.1. Provide a platform for WGDP researchers to connect, network, and share experiences.

1.2. Create opportunities for peer mentorship, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among WGDP in research.

1.3. Promote diversity and inclusivity by encouraging participation in research from WGDP of diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and career stages.

1.4. Advocate for gender equity and equal opportunities in research settings.


2.1. Membership is open to people of any gender involved in any field of research. Members have a main worksite at Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute or Hennepin Health System. Sub-committees are investigator networking, advocacy, and social events

2.2. All members must adhere to the group's code of conduct, promoting respect, professionalism, and inclusivity.

2.3. Members are encouraged to actively engage in group activities, discussions, and initiatives.

Leadership and Governance:

3.1. The group shall have a leadership team consisting of a chair and a co-chair we will encourage diverse representation including a mix of MD/PhD, gender, race/ethnicity, field of study. The outgoing chair will stay on as an advisor to the chair for the year.

3.2. An HHRI operational leader who will support the group and attend most meetings. Other HHRI/HHS leaders will be invited as desired by the group.

3.3. The leadership team will be elected through a democratic process, with one-year terms to ensure regular opportunities for new leadership. The co-chair will serve as co-chair for one year and then will be chair for one year.

3.4. The leadership team shall be responsible for overseeing the group's activities, coordinating events, and facilitating communication among members.

3.5. Regular general meetings shall be conducted to discuss group matters, seek input from members, and make decisions collectively.

3.6. Chair and co-chair will work Director Mentoring and Training and HHRI Ops to advocate for resources to cover workshops/guest lectures, activities.

3.7. Network with other local and national partners with similar missions (e.g., UMN CWIMS; ACS ResearcHERS; Gender Justice etc.).

Activities and Initiatives:

4.1. Institutional advocacy- Advocating through Ops, the HHRI board, and HHS Executive Leadership Team for policies important to WGDP and other underrepresented groups in science and medicine.

4.2. Information sharing- Maintaining a mailing list for sharing of opportunities, resources, and relevant literature pertaining to the advancement of WGDP in science.

4.3. Career and leadership development- Working with the Director of Mentoring and Training and Education and Quality to engage members in career development opportunities both at HHRI and beyond.

4.4. Networking – host regular meetings and social events to promote mutual support and connection between members.

4.5. Work with the director of communications for HHRI to promote visibility and recognition of WGDP researchers by showcasing their achievements through publications, awards, and media outreach.

Code of Conduct:

5.1. Treat all members with respect, fairness, and inclusivity, irrespective of their background, discipline, or career stage.

5.2. Foster an environment where each person feels safe to express thoughts and concerns/experiences including interpersonal concerns experienced by WGDP. The group leader, with support of HHRI leadership, will have the authority to ask members to leave if there are concerns about the safety of the space for open dialogue.

5.3. Encourage open and constructive discussions while maintaining professionalism and avoiding personal attacks.

5.4. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of discussions and shared information within the group.


6.1. This charter may be amended through a consensus of the group, with members having the opportunity to provide input and vote on proposed changes.

6.2. Amendments to the charter shall be communicated to all members in a timely manner.


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