Travel Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement Transcript

Today we’re going to talk about the Travel Reimbursement form.  This is how MMRF pays you for any expenses incurred when traveling for work.  MMRF staff matches up all reimbursement request forms using the number from the travel authorization form.   After the travel reimbursement form has been received and processed by accounts payable, a check will be mailed to you for all allowable costs.  For a full detail of cost guidelines, see section four of the Business Expense Guidelines.  These can be found on the Forms and Policies page of the MMRF website and they are the source for the information in this video.

This form has two pages.  The first is the table of categories to detail specific expenses for each day of travel.  The second has explanations of each field along with the Meal Expense Detail; we’ll look at that in a moment.

In the first section, enter the travel authorization number.  This can be found on the travel authorization form in the top right corner.  This must be filled out prior to travel. Also, in this section are areas for who the check is payable to and what address it should be sent to.  For instance, checks typically go to the traveler; however, they may also to be sent to Travel Innovations, MMRF’s travel agent.  Next, enter the date this form is being filled out and the contact information for whoever is completing it.  Last in this section: indicate whether the check is being sent to the payee (that is, the person or entity who initially put forth money) or other for someone else.

In the top of the next section the dates of travel should be entered.  As they are put in here the days on page two’s meal expense detail will automatically update.  The table is split into three main areas: registration (this would be for a conference or something similar), transportation, and accommodations.

For airfare, keep in mind that only the ticket price should entered.  Fees for baggage checks are a separate line item and limited to twenty five dollars per flight.  For mileage, the current federal reimbursement rate should be used when figuring out how much to enter.  For lodging, the expense incurred each day should be entered separately.  Here’s an example hotel invoice.  Notice how it lists the room charge and applicable tax separately for each day.    This same format should be followed when completing the reimbursement form.

Each day’s meals should be entered into the Meal Expense Detail on page two.  The dates for the Meal Expense Guide update automatically as they are entered on page one.  And as the cost of each meal is entered it will automatically calculate the daily total and appear in the corresponding space on page one.  Some things to note about meals: instead of working on a per diem basis MMRF reimburses for the price of the meal.  If a hotel or conference includes a meal in the cost then reimbursement for eating somewhere else instead will not be given.

After entering all the meals, the line beneath is for any taxi, airline baggage, or parking charges.  MMRF’s travel policy allows for baggage check reimbursements of up to $25 each way.  Then, business phone calls.  The last section is for miscellaneous expenses.  This would be for things such as shipping fees for a conference poster.

As all of this is entered the Amount to Pay box will auto-calculate the total.  Once all expenses have been entered the traveler should sign the form.  This form along with all original, itemized receipts should be sent to the MMRF Travel Coordinator at Parkside 4 within 60 days of returning from the trip.

A couple reminders about receipts: they need to be detailed and itemized; a credit card slip from a meal that only shows the total and tip will not suffice. If you’re traveling to a country where receipts are not a common practice, PLEASE contact the MMRF Travel Coordinator to find the best solution for tracking your expenses while traveling.  The coordinator will work with you to be sure we find a process that both meets your needs, and the requirements to remain compliant for the institution.

Have any questions about travel or anything else?  Email us at  Thanks for watching and have a nice day.

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