Travel Authorization

Travel Authorization Transcript

Hello.  Today we are talking about MMRF travel authorization.  This is the form that you fill out before going on a trip so MMRF can reimburse you for the costs of that trip.

In the first section, put the name of the traveler and the date you are filling out the form.

Underneath that, you can also put the contact information of whoever is filling out the form (whether it is an assistant to or the traveler themselves).

In the next section, put the destination and the dates of the event you are traveling to.  The grants policy does allow for travel to occur one day before and one day after the event so just enter the dates of the event you are attending.  Also, make sure you say why you are going to said event and attach any appropriate documents.

Next, put down the MMRF budget center.  Which budget center is paying for this?  Is it more than one?  And what percentage of costs will each one be covering?

Last is the travel authorization signature line.  This is where whoever is authorizing this trip signs before you send this form to grants accounting.

On the back of the form is an explanation of each of the fields.  In particular, a table for who can sign the authorization line.  Once everything is filled out you want to send this to MMRF grants accounting on Parkside seven.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to email us at research inquiry at MMRF dot org.  Thanks for watching.  Have a nice day.

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