Requisition Request

Requisition Request Transcript

Today we’re going to discuss the Requisition Form.  This form is used to purchase any services, supplies, equipment, or other items your project may need to succeed.  At the top of it indicate whether MMRF Purchasing should buy the items or issue a Purchase Order number for you.  The rest of the form can be broken down into four categories: requestor, compliance, vendor, and item details.

In the requestor section, fill in your contact information and delivery instructions and location.  It is important to not forget the delivery details; Purchasing cannot order something for you without knowing where to send it.

If you are purchasing radioactive materials or have obtained a quote from the vendor include that information in the compliance area.  There is also space for additional information that may fall outside these considerations.

In the vendor area make sure to fill out as much information as is available.

On the item detail table, enter your MMRF Project Number in the Project Number column.  Do not enter information in the other Accounting Code columns; these are areas for MMRF Accounting to fill out.  Enter the Part Numbers and Description.  Remember, the more information you provide the better; this helps prevent the wrong things being purchased.  Enter the quantity you need and what increments, or unit of measure, the vendor sells them in.  Then enter the cost of the item.

Below the item table is the area for Purchasing Notes.  Hyperlinks to specific items or anything else MMRF Purchasing will need to know should be entered here.

Once complete, the form should be sent to Sally Gill.  If you are using the electronic copy, email it to her at  If you are filling out a physical copy, send the top copy to her via interoffice mail and save the yellow copy for your records.

There are a certain situations where the Requisition Form may not be the most effective route for purchasing items; in these instances permission from MMRF Purchasing, in the form of an email, will allow the cost to be reimbursed to the employee via Check Request after they have completed the transaction.  Check the Business Expense Guideline section 2.10 and 2.15 for more information.

If you have any questions about the Requisition Form or anything else feel free to email us at  Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

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