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Notice of Award

Notice of Award Transcript

Congratulations!  Your project has been selected for funding!  The awarding agency will send a Notice of Award, or NOA, with all the necessary details to the institution’s business official.  Let’s look at what’s included in a NOA.

While the layouts and particular information will vary depending on the awarding agency, an NOA will outline the details of the award.  It will specify who the Principal Investigator is, the project title, the budget period (that is the length of time the funding is expected to cover), the project period (the total time the project is expected to be active), the funding amount for the budget period, and the expected total project funding.  Also listed will be the terms and conditions and the agency representative overseeing the award; they’ll normally be listed as a project director or program official.  Depending on the agency there may be more information included beyond these things.

Here are different examples of federal Notices of Award.  As you can see, the layout will vary significantly from agency to agency but the basic information remains the same.  It is essential to read the Notice to know the details of your award.  The awarded budget may be different than what you requested; the terms and conditions are specific to each award and must be reviewed; and any required reports and publication credits will be detailed in the NOA.  After reading it, contact your Grant Administrator with any questions you may have.

All notices are sent to MMRF’s authorized business official.  Once received, your Grant Administrator will send it along with an MMRF issued Notice of Award and project budget to you.  This second piece will summarize the project and budget periods and funding as well as show MMRF specific information such as the account number and grant administrator.  This budget will be what accounting uses to generate your monthly financial accounting statements.  (See our FAS video for more info on reading those reports).  Both NOAs and the budget should be saved for your records.

If you have any questions about NOAs or anything else feel free to email us at

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