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Today we are going over the MMRF check request form.  This is a form that’s used to reimburse institutions or individuals that have put forward money or effort MMRF needs to pay for.  Please note, this form needs to be on the salmon colored paper shown here.  Accounting will not accept a printed off or copied form.  This is to ensure at audit time that duplicate check request numbers aren’t being used.

In the first portion, put the name of the entity receiving the check.  Who is it going to?  And what address do they want it to be sent to?  The social security and IRB numbers are only needed if this is a stipend going to a study subject.  Put the date you’re filling this out and the date it’s needed by if there is an immediate deadline for this.

In the “route to” section, mark the payee if you want accounting to send the check directly to them.  The payee is the one who put in the initial time, effort, or money.  There are some cases where you may need to send additional items along with the check.  In this case, you can either attach them to the check request form with a note asking accounting to do it or mark the requester box. The check will then be sent to you.  If the check is going to someone or somewhere that is not the payee or requester, it can be indicated using the other box.

At the top of the next section, fill out the total amount of money that this check request is for and the purpose.  If there are multiple MMRF budget centers paying for this check then list them separately in the space below.  Put the budget numbers in the SS number bolded box.  Although the column to the left of that is labelled account number the budget center should go in the SS box.   Total up the amounts from all the budgets again to make sure the amount listed above is correct.  Then put in the contact information of the person filling out the form.  This is so accounting knows who to contact if there are questions.  The last thing to do is get an authorization signature.

This form along with any necessary supporting documents should be sent to MMRF Grant Accounting on Parkside 7

If you have any questions about any of these fields, look at the back of this form.  It provides details about all of them.

Thanks for watching.  And as always, if you have questions feel free to email us at   Have a good day.

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