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Application for External Support

Application for External Support Transcript

Today we are going to talk about the Application for External Support.  The questions in this form apply to all MMRF related investigators – so MMRF PIs and any MMRF/HCMC employed collaborators.  Site and subaward PIs will be sent their own paperwork to confirm their information at their separate institutions.  Before we look at the form itself, let’s look at what it’s for.

  • It alerts the institution that you are pursuing funding
  • It tells your grant administrator whether the IRB/IACUC process has started
  • It helps track needed space and let the institution of equipment that may need to be purchased
  • It informs your division head and chief of potential new funding entering the department
  • It captures any potential conflicts of interest related to this project
  • And it provides the federal assurance required for submitting federal grants proposals

This form is to be completed with every new funding segment.   Therefore, for federal projects, each competing or non-competing budget segment should have its own Application for External Support.  Additionally, once it is given to your grant administrator this form allows them to assign an account to the project for processing invoices, effort certification, and payments.

In the first section, put the funding agency, due date, application title, principal investigator, and up to two co-investigators.  Then, mark whether the application is new, a renewal, a continuation, or a supplement.  Below that enter in the start and end dates of the project along with the total amount being requested.  The next two questions ask about laboratory space (which building and room will you use?) and equipment (If MMRF already has it, where is it located?  Will new equipment need to be purchased?).  The final thing in this section is to answer the questions about proprietary information.  Is any of the information to be used owned by you or MMRF?  Do you expect any intellectual property to result from this project?

The next section is to track your project’s status with the relevant safety committees.  There are three at MMRF: Human Subjects Research, Animal Care, and Biosafety.  If your project requires a submission to any of these then mark yes on the left side.  On the right, indicate whether approval has been given or if it’s pending.  If it has been approved, enter the approval number assigned by that committee and the date.  For human subjects, along with IRB approval, enter the Clinical Identifier.  Most studies involving people require NCT registration, and many journals require NCT registration before publishing study results and articles.  The last area of this section is to verify if any HCMC resources will need to be used for this project.  Filling out the HCMC Resource Utilization and Coverage Analysis Checklist will answer this for you.  The checklist is located by itself on MMRF’s website or at the end of the IRB application.  Contact the Research Information Technologies Manager with any questions regarding HCMC Resources.

The next pages are to reaffirm the conflict of interest status for this study.  Although all MMRF employees annually fill out the Report for External Professional Activities, the COI status must be checked as it pertains to each individual study.   This is done through a series of 12 yes or no questions along with a space to give additional information if necessary.  There is one page for the PI and a similar one for everyone at MMRF/HCMC who is a co-PI or key personnel on the study.  There is space at the top to enter the name of the individual and their role on the project.  And at the bottom is space for the collaborator to sign.  On the bottom right of the page is a button that will create copies of this page for when more there is more than one collaborator.  And don’t worry, the page number will automatically update.

The last page is for necessary approvals and certifications.  First, the PI signs asserting that all information is correct and true to the best of their knowledge.  They also check the box on the right if they are proposing cost sharing for this project.  Then the Division and Department Heads sign. This shows their endorsement of the project and authorization for the PI to use the necessary time and resources within the department to accomplish the scientific aims.  They must also check on the right if they recommend and approve the project’s cost sharing.  Finally, if the proposal is for federal funding, the PI needs to read and sign off on the additional certifications on the bottom half of the page.  While this document remains internal, the federal government does require that MMRF secures a signature from the PI on each and every federal grant application, certifying the accuracy, truth, and responsibility for their project.  Once everything is completed this form should be emailed, interoffice mailed, or dropped off with your grant administrator.

If you have any questions about filling out this form, who your grant administrator is, or anything else, feel free to email us at  Thanks for watching and have a good day.

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