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Sponsored Research Administration

Sponsored Research Administration

The HHRI Sponsored Research Administration serves as a liaison between outside agencies and investigators conducting research at HHS locations.  Its responsibilities include submitting proposals, negotiating and administering awards, and interpreting and implementing sponsor and HHRI regulations.

The documents provided below outline the framework of the HHRI's appraoch to Sponsored Research Administration, and include background and guidance for researchers, as well as an outline of the specific steps and procedures involved at the administration level in applying and implementing institutional policies.

Contact Information

  • Avery Tooley

    Director of Grants & Contracts

  • Carey Nadeau

    Operations Director

  • Derek Krogstad

    Sr. Grant Administrator

  • India Waller

    Sr. Grant Administrator

  • Jeffrey Banchor

    Research Information and Compliance Coordinator

  • Joanna Eyanson

    Grant Assistant

  • Maddie Mahon

    Project Coordinator

  • Micole Hasan

    Grant Assistant

  • Sammi Zabukover

    Grant Assistant

If your department is not listed in the table below then please email us at

Addiction - Clinical India Waller
Addiction - Preclinical India Waller
Cardiology Avery Tooley
Chronic Disease Resaerch Group - Federal Derek Krogstad
Chronic Disease Resaerch Group - Industry Avery Tooley
Clinical Chemistry Avery Tooley
Dentistry Avery Tooley
Dermatology Avery Tooley
Emergency Department India Waller
Gastroenterology Derek Krogstad
General Infectious Diseases Sammi Zabukover
General Medicine Micole Hasan
Geriatrics Derek Krogstad
HIV Sammi Zabukover
Internal Medicine Micole Hasan
Nephrology Derek Krogstad
Neurology Avery Tooley
Orthopedics India Waller
Otolaryngology India Waller
Pediatrics Sammi Zabukover
Pharmacology & Toxicology India Waller
Psychiatry Avery Tooley
Radiology Avery Tooley
Surgery Sammi Zabukover

External Resources

Here are some additional helpful resources for researchers preparing grant applications.

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