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HHRI Internal Support Awards

HHRI Internal Support Awards

Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute has historically invested more than a million dollars annually back into its research programs. While we strive to make these investments both equitable and strategic, there is limited availability and awards are subject to available funds in the institutional budget.    An internal HHRI award generally requires periodic updates with HHRI’s leadership and is subject to a standard set of terms and conditions. Please carefully review the RFP guidelines and/or funding terms upon receipt of an award.  Questions can be directed to 

A collaboration between Hennepin Healthcare System and Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute, the HHS Research Scholar program is a campus-wide research expansion initiative, the goal of which is to facilitate the recruitment and career development of independent researchers on this campus. The program was the result of a strategic assessment which outlined the need for recruiting new researchers as an institutional succession plan for the senior cohort approaching retirement, and thereby ensure the continued impact of research at Hennepin Healthcare.  HHS Research Scholar support provides protected research time for up to five years along with a startup package with the goal of helping the recipient develop an externally supported research program by the end of the five-year period.  Hennepin Healthcare has committed to supporting up to two HHS Research Scholars annually, and interested departments must demonstrate their readiness to support a Research Scholar by completing a rigorous eligibility review.

Click here for more information about the HHS Research Scholars Program

Investigators may request bridge funding on an ad hoc basis by applying to the HHRI Operations Committee explaining the need and providing a detailed budget and explanation of what the bridge will fund.  The request letter should be a detailed demonstration of need and provide specific information about what projects are pending.  The primary purpose of bridge funding is sustaining a PI and their lab until pending funding is received.  Investigators with existing ongoing external sponsored support are not eligible for bridge funding.  Funding may be available for up to $50,000 for not longer than a one-year period.

Click here for more information about the Bridge Funding Program

Post-Doctoral Support

This award supports the salary, fringe, and a rent allowance for UP TO TWO years (contingent on scientific progress) for a post-doctoral position in an established HHRI laboratory. These are competitive proposals; competition is opened depending on availability of funds and are awarded at the discretion of the HHRI Operations Committee.   Funding amounts are calculated annually based on NIH NRSA Stipend levels.

PhD Salary Support Award

Up to 50% of salary (total award to not exceed $50,000 annually and $150,000 in total over a five year period) per year is available for PhD investigators with an established track record at HHRI. Annual progress reports are due November 1 with a January 1 to December 31 annual budget period.  To be eligible for an HHRI PhD Salary Support award an investigator must be nominated by their supervisor and department and approved by the HHRI Operations Committee for the HHRI Academic Track.

Click here for more information about the PhD Investigator Support Program or to download a nomination form.

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