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Helpful Links for NIH Funded Projects

Helpful Links for NIH Funded Projects

These links will look at the various systems necessary for submitting and maintaining federal awards.

ERA Commons
For checking proposal status and submitting Just-in-Time information

Final Report
How to complete and submit the final Research Performance Progress Report for a project.

Grant Writer's NIH Workbook
HHRI Investigators recommend this workbook for your initial NIH grant applications. It is updated with every change to the NIH forms an dprocesses, and serves as a step-by-step guide to writing a successful NIH grant application.

How Research Works
A step by step look at what researchers do when performing a study.

Invention Statement
Required form for any inventions a researcher has created pertaining to a federally funded grant.

An ongoing list of articles a researcher has published.  Integrates with the NIH Manuscript Submission System.

NIH Manuscript Submission System
Submit manuscripts of published articles with federally funded research.

Resources and Programs for NIH Grant Applicants
Brochure from the NIH's Center for Scientific Review that includes key information to assist scientists seeking NIH grants.

Aids in creating a researcher's biosketh.  Articles can be pulled from MyNCBI for this.

Understanding Research
Brochure on what the research process looks like, what scientists do with the data from their studies, and how it leads to more research.

Why do Researchers do Different Kinds of Clinical Studies?
Brochure on the different kinds of clinical studies and why a scientist might choose one over the other.

Workshops and trainings from the Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)
OITE has created workshops and other training activities to support extramural principal investigators (PIs) and staff as they manage and lead biomedical research groups.

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