Karen M. Schulz, DC
Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator – HHRI
Clinical Research Laboratory Director

Sarah Drawz, MD, PhD 
Chair Person of the Laboratory Medicine and Pathology; Hennepin Healthcare/HCMC

Stephen W. Smith, MD
Co-Investigator – HHRI
Emergency Medicine attending physician – Hennepin Healthcare/HCMC
Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine – University of Minnesota

Yader B. Sandoval, MD
Co-Investigator – HHRI
Cardiologist – Mayo Clinic

Brittany Lindgren, MLS (ASCP)
Medical Technologist

Kathryn Worrell, MLS (ASCP)
Medical Technologist

Kylie Labog, MLS (ASCP)
Medical Technologist

Alanna Ladd,  MLS (ASCP)
Medical Technologist

Penney Stack, RN
Research Nurse

Sarah Elmer, MS
Research Assistant

Hawi Amente, BS
Research Coordinator