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Grant Awards – 2nd Qtr 2022

Olutayo Alese - HHRI Minority and Women Post-doctoral Appointment Program, 3M

Fred Apple - Access HIV Ag/Ab Combo Reproducibility Testing Study Protocol And, Access HIV Ag/Ab Combo Assay Us Clinical Study Testing Protocol, Beckman Coulter

Fred Apple - PATHFAST – Evaluation of BNP assay correlation between Beckman Access and PATHFAST, PHC Corporation of North America

Diana Cutts - Early Identification of Rising Risk Families and Parent-Guided Team-Based Care to Prevent and Mitigate Toxic Stress, JPB Foundation; Boston Medical Center

Mark LeSage - Comparative neurobehavioral pharmacology of combusted and non-combusted tobacco products, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Michael Puskarich - EPH Septic Shock Observational Study (ESSOS), Endpoint Health, Inc.

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