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Grant Awards – 1st Qtr 2019

Baker, Jason - PrEP IT: A Pilot Test of a Mobile Peer Support Intervention to Optimize PrEP Adherence and Retention in PrEP Care for Youth, National Institutes of Health; National Institute of Mental Health

Hart, Allyson - Antibody-Mediate Rejection, CSL Behring

Hart, Allyson - Decision Aid for Elderly Patients to Promote Shared Decision Making on Treatment Choice in Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease Qualitative interviews and Prototyping - Collaboration with Hennepin County Medical Center for Minority Recruitment, Mayo Clinic

Israni, Ajay - Gut Microbiota and Effect on Immune Suppressants in Transplantation, National Institutes of Health; National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Kasiske, Bertram - Epidemiology, Healthcare Utilization, Costs and Healthcare Outcomes Associated with Antibody Mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplant Patients in the US, CSL Behring


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