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Celebrating Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute's 70th Anniversary

At the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (HHRI), our investigators have been translating scientific knowledge into discoveries that make a difference since 1952. We actively investigate the causes of and potential treatments for diseases, guided by our goals of reducing disparities and advancing health equity, and our mission of improving patient care and the health of our community through research and education.

In recognition of HHRI’s platinum anniversary, we are taking a look back at some of the milestones in the research institute’s history. We are also highlighting our extraordinary staff and scientists who are behind the amazing work that is advancing medicine and making healthcare more accessible and equitable for all.

The People of HHRI

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~ Carl Sagan

HHRI researchers are experts in their fields, tackling our biggest healthcare challenges, including COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, substance use disorders, life-threatening and time-sensitive conditions, chronic diseases, and access to care. They conduct basic, translational, clinical and epidemiologic research with a focus on four areas – Acute Care/Trauma, Addiction, Health Services and Infectious Diseases – with the priority throughout being to better understand and address factors that contribute to health equity and the concerns of the patient population served by Hennepin Healthcare. Below, some of HHRI's 250+ investigators and research staff share their stories and experiences working at HHRI.

Senior Research Coordiantor
Behavioral Equity Research Group
Medical Director of the Clinical Laboratories, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical and Forensic Toxicology and Point of Care Testing
Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, PI
Division Chief
Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Principal Investigator/Co-Director
Behavioral Health Equity Research
Senior Investigator
Clinical Pharmacology
Chair, Senior Staff
Hennepin Healthcare IRB, Chronic Diseases Research Group
Principal Investigator
Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Head and neck cancer surgeon with a research interest in acute wound healing, cutaneous physiology, and the effects of tobacco type products on these processes
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery/Clinician Scientist
Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operations
Medicine Physician, HHRI Investigator
Director of Operations
Medical Director
Huntington's Disease Center at HCMC
Research Manager
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Israni Lab
Director of Research
Emergency Medicine
Marketing & Communications Director
Chronic Disease Research Group
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Principal Investigator
Health, Homelessness, and Criminal Justice Lab
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