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DayForce FAQs

DayForce FAQs

A: Yes – you can access Dayforce from any computer with an internet connection. You may have to download Microsoft Silverlight if it is not already installed on the computer. You can also access Dayforce from your Apple or Android smartphone if you download the application.

A: You need to submit your timesheet within 3 business days after the period has ended. A salaried/exempt employee’s timesheet information will be locked for a few hours for processing and submittal a couple days before the pay period ends, so any adjustments made to the timesheet after that will be included on the next payroll.

A: Yes. For exempt employees – you can change the pay code and enter future hours on your timesheet. For non-exempt employees, you can add a “Pay Adjustment” to future dates which allows you to enter vacation, sick, funeral, etc. hours to your timesheet. If you are using the Time Away From Work (TAFW) Requests, any approved time off will automatically be added to your timesheet and you do not have to enter this time.

A: Yes, just as a salaried/exempt employee is doing now, an exempt employee would only need to enter the number of hours for each day. They would also need to account for any Vacation, Sick, or other non-worked hours.

A: A meal is not automatically added or deducted from your timesheet. You must enter the meal break individually. If you don’t take a lunch, you should change the Pay Code of your hours on your timesheet to “No Meal” to designate to your manager that you intended not to add a meal break.

A: You can change your previously entered time until either: 1. you have submitted your time to your manager; 2. your manager has approved your time; or 3. Payroll has processed the pay period. If you need to correct your timesheet but your time is locked for any of these reasons, you would need to speak with your manager to make the corrections.

A: For eligible salaried/exempt employees, you do not need to enter any hours on a holiday if you did not work that day. If you did work that day, you should add a pay code of “Holiday Worked” and report your hours in that row. For eligible hourly/non-exempt employees, you should add a Pay Adjustment of “Holiday” with your appropriate holiday hours to the timesheet on that day. If you worked the holiday, you should add a Shift with a pay code of “Holiday Worked” to bank your holiday hours for another day.

A: When adding a shift, you can change the department or position that your shift is associated with. If only part of your day should be associated with a different department, you would need to add two shifts to the day and allocate the hours to two different departments.

A: Your supervisor has the option of selecting a delegate to approve time while he/she is on vacation. If he/she does not select a delegate, he/she can access the system on their smartphone or home computer to sign-off on timesheets. Finally, if your supervisor does not approve your timesheet before the pay period is submitted, you will still be paid for the hours you have entered and it will be up to your supervisor to review the time upon returning to work and request any retroactive corrections as needed.

A: If you need to change you’re withholding and the State and Federal exemptions should match, you do not need to submit both forms. If you want to withhold at a different rate for State than Federal, then you would need to submit both forms.

A: You can find the link in the training documentation disseminated at the Dayforce training. The link can also be found on the HHRI webpage/Employee Resources/HR Portal.

A: You can find this on the HHRI webpage under Employee Resources/Forms and Policies.

A: Payroll, Human Resources, and your manager or your manager’s delegate authority.

A: Same as above. Audit records are kept on everyone who makes changes in the system.

A: You can contact Karin Fisher in Human Resources at to reset your password. Once it has been reset, you will receive an email back with your temporary password.

A: Your username is your HCMC Peoplesoft number without any leading zeroes. For instance, if your Peoplesoft ID # is 00000012345, then your username would be 12345. This number is found on the back of your name badge.

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