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HHRI investigators highlighted by CTSI as UMN Mothers Leading Science

Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (HHRI) investigators Anne Frosch, MD, MPH, and Sandra Japuntich, PhD, LP, were featured in the University of Minnesota’s Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) news welcoming the fourth cohort of researcher-moms into Mothers Leading Science, a yearlong career development program for research-intensive faculty in the health sciences who are raising young children.

Dr. Frosch is an assistant professor of Infectious Diseases and HIV physician at Hennepin Healthcare and the University of Minnesota. Dr. Japuntich is a clinical psychologist at Hennepin Healthcare and co-director of the Behavioral Health Equity Research Group at HHRI.

The program addresses challenges faced by women in academic health sciences research at the intersections of career, gender and motherhood through dedicated programming and facilitation, networking, annual retreats, peer support and connection, and resilience and leadership training.

“Over the years, it has helped researcher-moms become more confident leaders and parents, align their career paths with personal values, and rekindle their passion for research. The program has since played an important role in retaining highly skilled scientists in academic health research, and expanded to other universities.” ~UMN CTSI News: Mothers Leading Science program welcomes 10 researcher-moms

The Mothers Leading Science program was established at CTSI in 2018 and has since expanded to other institutions across the county.

Read the article on Drs. Frosch and Japuntich and the other researchers on the UMN website, and learn more about the Mothers Leading Science program:

Mothers Leading Science program welcomes ten researcher-moms | Clinical and Translational Science Institute – University of Minnesota (


Photo credit: CTSI

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