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HHRI investigators’ article is Health Affairs editor’s top pick for 2018

Each year, Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief shares his "top ten" articles that focus on unique data sets, under-reported issues or a particular creative way to examine an issue. A paper by Hennepin Healthcare physician-investigators Kate Vickery, MD, MSc; Tyler Winkelman, MD, MS; and colleagues was named the Editor-in-Chief's top pick for 2018.

The study, "Cross-Sector Service Use Among High Health Care Utilizers in Minnesota After Medicaid Expansion," merged data from the health care, criminal justice, housing, and human services sectors when examining service use among newly-eligible Medicaid enrollees in Hennepin County. Medicaid enrollees who were high utilizers of health care services were also high utilizers of other services, like housing and income support.

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