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Healthy Aging Through the Senior Years Study (HATS)

Now enrolling in a new observational study for African Americans age 55+

Healthy Aging Through the Senior Years Study (HATS) 

HATS is an opportunity for older African Americans in the Twin Cities to participate in a five-year study of brain health, memory and thinking (cognitive) abilities.


HATS Goal:

The primary goal of HATS is to gather needed information to learn how to prevent or reduce the risk and burden of dementia and memory loss in the African American community.

If we can identify those things that increase dementia risk (called risk factors) in African Americans, we can develop ways to minimize those risk factors in the future.


Why It’s Important For You to Participate:

Your commitment to this study will help researchers identify potential risk factors associated with memory and thinking problems (cognition), dementia, and general health including heart health in the Black community.


Your Impact on Community:

We know that brain health is of high concern for the Black community. If you choose to participate, the information we receive from you will not only help identify your own risk factors, but also assist in improving brain health in the Black community for the future.


Requirements to Participate:

  • English speakers
  • Self-identify as Black
  • Age 55+
  • Able to participate in one appointment every 15 months over five years (4 appointments total). Additionally, there will be a brief phone call twice a year to assess any changes between appointments.
  • This is a community-based population study, so eligible participants will generally be living independently, ie, not in a nursing home or memory care setting. However, depending on one’s assessment of cognitive impairment, residents of nursing homes or memory care settings may also be eligible.
  • Participants will be asked to identify a study partner (family member, friend) who knows you well and can provide information about your health, memory and thinking abilities.
  • The study also involves having a sample of blood drawn (about 4 tablespoons) and a small urine sample collected for clinical and research tests.


Where Will the Study Take Place:

The study visits will take place at the Berman Center in Minneapolis.  During each study-visit, you will be asked to complete a cognitive assessment (memory test) to measure memory and thinking abilities as well as basic health measurements such as blood pressure, cholesterol, height, weight, walking gait speed, and hand grip strength.

Participants will be compensated for their time and contribution to this study.

Do you have questions or are you ready to sign up?

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