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Dr. Jenell Stewart speaks about event-based PrEP for women at CROI 2024

Dr. Jenell Stewart speaks at CROI 2024

At the 31st annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Denver, Colo., March 3-6, Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (HHRI) Investigator  Jenell Stewart, DO, MPH, spoke about event-based PrEP for women and was interviewed by UK-based organization Aidsmap, who disseminates independent information on HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Stewart is an Infectious Diseases physician-scientist focused on the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and improving clinical care for women who engage in transactional sex.

In the interview, she hypothesizes that preventive HIV medication, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), might work just as well, if not better using event-driven adherence than daily dosages. Event-based dosages mean taking PrEP around the time of possible exposure to HIV versus every day.

You can watch the interview in its entirety here or read the article on Aidsmap.

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