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Dr. Bart talks about meth addiction and treatment on Healthy Matters on WCCO radio

Hennepin Healthcare physician and HHRI investigator Dr. Gavin Bart was Dr. David Hilden’s guest Healthy Matters on WCCO 830-AM radio on Sunday, January 24, talking about meth addiction and treatment.

Methamphetamine use is increasing across the country and in Minnesota has surpassed opioid use as a leading cause (behind only alcohol) for seeking addiction treatment.  Hennepin Healthcare was a site for an NIH-funded trial, which found that a combination of two medications for the treatment of methamphetamine use disorder shows promise.  Dr. Bart is an author on the study, and the results were published in the January 14 New England Journal of Medicine.


Listen to the podcast:

Healthy Matters – 1/24/21


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